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Many believers find Bible study boring, meaningless, and in some cases toxic. To address this frustration, the Everlasting Gospel Bible Study Workbooks were created to enrich, engage, encourage, and equip you to have a transformational experience with Christ. See for yourself!
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Two LIVE online groups are forming Sat, Sept 3 (@ 3pm [Revelation] and 4:30pm EST [John]). Sign up now because slots fill quickly. CLICK the Registration link for more information.

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The Everlasting Gospel in Genesis

It's time to go far beyond the basics.

The Root of truth begins in Genesis. Know this book well. Genesis is highly UNDER-rated. Do yourself a favor and use this workbook to dig in to Genesis. These beautiful, full color workbooks are available at Amazon. Get your workbook and begin your advanced study today (we suggest you complete the lessons during your devotional times). Live group sessions happen every Sabbath. See the FAQ's below for live session times. See below to download a free sample of Lesson 1.

The Testimony of Jesus in Exodus

Discover two of the best (not boring) books of the Bible.

Exodus and Leviticus are underrated. This full color workbook will have you mining them deeply, unearthing the treasure of Christ and His work of salvation that are embedded in the exodus story and the Sanctuary. We need to know these books well. Purchase your workbook today!

Behind the Veil of Revelation

Follow Jesus behind the veil of the Holy of Holies.

The Most Holy Place of the Sanctuary was not a place for common people. Only the High Priest had access. Imagine, then, what it means for Jesus (our High Priest) to beckon His people behind the veil. Sacred secrets, plans, and strategies involving us are revealed behind the veil. This workbook zooms in on a vital portion of Revelation so that we can go on a deeper, maturing journey with Jesus. This is study is informative and relational. Get your book today.

Following Jesus with John

Do life with Jesus and take a deep-dive into the Gospel

The more closely a disciple follows¬–paying attention to teachings and being more emotionally involved with the teacher– the better the outcome. Our desire is to read John’s Gospel closely, paying keen attention to Christ and His teachings and becoming more dynamically engaged with Him. The desired outcome is that we become true disciples of Jesus who go on to teach others what we have learned so that they also can do the same.

What You Will Gain

  • Insight

    By investigating commonly rehearsed themes more deeply you will gain deeper insight into the Scriptures. Our goal, however, is for you to gain rich insights about Christ that lead you closer to Him.

  • Maturity

    Spiritual maturity is the result of constant, close, meaningful, attentive contact with Jesus. Constant, close, meaningful attentive Bible study facilitates this. The 4E's are how we work to help you mature in Christ.

  • Motivation

    Putting the 4E's to work for you to bring you the clarity, maturity and recovery you have longed for will motivate you to want to go further with Jesus and engagement in His service (...a goal we all share).

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...because you have questions

  • What day and time do the live group sessions occur?

    Sabbaths only- The Revelation Group will meet at 3pm EST The John Group will meet at 4:30pm EST

  • What is the upfront and/or future cost of this "course"?

    Bible study is free. Always free. Totally free. The workbooks are not. However, when you sign up you will be able to download Lesson 1 for free.

  • Can I just get the books and study with my own group and not sign up?

    Yes you may. Get your books from Amazon and enjoy.

  • Where do I go for the live group sessions?

    Live sessions happen via ZOOM and are available only to those who have signed up for the group sessions. The Zoom code will be unique for each session of each week and sent via email.

  • How many sessions are there?

    The REVELATION study has 21 lessons as does the JOHN study. NO COMMITTMENT REQUIRED. Stick around for as long as you are being blessed.

  • Can I study alone yet benefit from the group?

    Most definitely! Studying with others is always preferred if it is possible, however.

  • Do I need to be on Facebook to participate?

    No you do not. The Facebook group simply allows for the discussions and camaraderie to continue. For the live sessions, all you need is the ability to Zoom with your video on. For those who will miss the live sessions, rebroadcasts will be available here for those who have signed up and have a login.

  • Can churches participate?

    This series is GREAT for churches who desire a proven strategy for member retention and discipleship. Develop or expand your small group ministries or SS's with these workbooks. Contact us for details and bulk pricing.

Let's Get Started

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  • Download (and complete) Lesson 1.

  • Check your email for information about the live sessions- including Zoom details.

The Author

Author, Lead Facilitator

Esther Green

Esther Green, MDiv, MEd, has been engaged in full time ministry since 2007 when she left her successful career in education in answer to God's call. She has served the church in a variety of capacities and offices including Sabbath School Supt., Personal Ministries Leader, Health Leader, Elder and Lay Pastor. Esther is very intentional about ministry and teaching and does so with specific ends in mind. With Revelation 14:15b as her mission, Esther created a Bible study series as a result of her work with the homeless, new believers, and church congregations. Esther is a "foodie" but her true "meat & drink" is strengthening peoples' vital connection to Christ.